Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A Bonanza of Backgammon Books

There have been very few books published on backgammon compared to say chess or poker however all of a sudden three come along!

One of our members, Rosey Bensley has written her autobiography "It's Not All Rosey" & backgammon does feature. Here is Rosey at her book signing event in Waterstones, Durham. 

Next, a book by Jonathan Lethem is featured in the New York Times top 100 Notable Books of the Year. "The Blot" is a novel about a winning backgammon player whose luck changes in Singapore. Maybe he played Jysen.

To find out more here is the link to the Waterstones site:

Finally, the Danish former football player & 2014 Nordic Open champion, Marc Brockmann Olsen has had his second book published "Backgammon Pure Strategy." Here is a link to Amazon:

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