Friday, 8 January 2016

Club Meeting, 4 January 2016

Despite inclement weather conditions, ten players turned out for our January meeting.

A discussion was held before the commencement of play & the clear consensus was that we should stick with the Royal British Legion as our home for meetings on the first Monday of each month.

We will also arrange additional meetings at other venues to cater for the demand from our members & to allow our friends from further afield to join us. The G Casino has kindly offered to host a future weekend meeting & provide a free buffet & non alcoholic refreshments. Invitations will be sent out as soon as this has been arranged.

Further progress was made with the NEBA league & at the end of the session Martin & Pol were in the lead with 4/5 and 4/6 respectively with Ian & Don on 3/5. There is all to play for as only Alan Dye has a 100% record and there is great pressure to ensure first division status. As there are eleven players in the league, the top six will qualify for the top flight for the next season.

The next monthly meeting will be on Monday 1st February 2016 at 7pm at the Royal British Legion.

Solutions to November's Quiz

We are indebted to Mislav Kovacic, who played for the triumphant Croatian team in the European Team Championships in Budapest 2015, for his kind permission to use these quiz problems and solutions.

Problem 1
White on roll - cube action?

a.  No double/take
b.  Double/take
c.  Double/pass
d.  Too good to double/pass

Solution: b) double/take

White has a small lead in the race, a stronger board & powerful threats. All these advantages are small but added together give white a strong double. Black has an easy take because white’s threats have yet to be materialised.

Problem 2
White to move - 21

a.  15/13  7/6
b.  15/14  7/5
c.  15/12
d.  7/4
Solution: d) 7/4

If black doesn’t roll doubles on his next roll then white must roll doubles to avoid being gammoned. 7/4 saves the gammon with 33, 44, 55 & 66. That’s 4 gammon saving rolls. All other plays are less effective.

Problem 3
White to move - 43

a.  24/20  13/10
b.  13/10  8/4
c.  13/9  8/5
d.  8/1

Solution: d) 8/1*

Most hits are done for two reasons. To gain ground in the race or to attack a key point. A less common but still important motive for hitting is a defensive idea known as a tempo play. The hitting play prevents black from using the whole of his next throw to make his five point or another strong play. Black has to use half his next throw to re-enter from the bar.