Saturday, 10 June 2017

Club Meeting 1 May 2017

As well as holding our AGM, the new league season commenced. UK captain Tim Cross has joined the league & faced determined opposition from Lawrence.

The match was decided on a late four cube in Tim's favour.

Gary won all three of his matches & is the early division one leader.

John Oxley won a closely contested match against John Horton.

The two newly promoted players, Don & Mike faced one another with Mike winning a very close match.

West Yorkshire Open, April 2017

Several of our players took part in this event. In the warm-up Mike faced Martin.

Gary versus Mick "Cube Boss" Butterfield.

Keith versus Cork Open champion, Brian Lever

Martin versus Paul Barwick

Derek versus Colin Whiers from Harrogate

Mike versus John Horton

John Horton on his way to winning the "Nackgammon" event.

Club Meeting 17 April 2017

Seven players turned up for our meeting at the G Casino on Easter Monday. We held an all play all & here is Mike Snowdon in action against John Horton.

An on fire Mike Snowdon won all six of his matches & is being congratulated by joint runner-up, John Horton.

Club Meeting 3 April 2017

15 players turned up for our first meeting of April including Glenn & Mick for the first time. We started with a talk from UK captain & number one ranked, Tim Cross on things players should know rather than have to work out over the board.

We then proceeded with a knock out tournament & here is Pol in action against Martin.

John is deep in thought against Gary.

This tricky cube decision came up in the match between Pol & Martin. Black has cubed at 3-2 to 5. Is it correct to cube & should red take? Hint: match score is relevant.

The final between Martin & John Horton was played two weeks later & Martin emerged victorious.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A Bonanza of Backgammon Books

There have been very few books published on backgammon compared to say chess or poker however all of a sudden three come along!

One of our members, Rosey Bensley has written her autobiography "It's Not All Rosey" & backgammon does feature. Here is Rosey at her book signing event in Waterstones, Durham. 

Next, a book by Jonathan Lethem is featured in the New York Times top 100 Notable Books of the Year. "The Blot" is a novel about a winning backgammon player whose luck changes in Singapore. Maybe he played Jysen.

To find out more here is the link to the Waterstones site:

Finally, the Danish former football player & 2014 Nordic Open champion, Marc Brockmann Olsen has had his second book published "Backgammon Pure Strategy." Here is a link to Amazon:

Club Meeting at the G Casino, Newcastle

Seven players turned up for our second monthly meeting at the G Casino in Newcastle. Keith emerged as the winner of the all play all.

Lake District Tournament, Sunday 19 March 2017

Several of our players competed in the 4th Lake District tournament at the Cedar Manor Hotel in Windermere.

Ian v Martin

Keith v Graeme

Don in action against Cumbrian player, Paul.

Pol won this match & reached the final.

Sam v Ian

The final. Pol plays Steve Lee from Bradford.

Steve is the champion.

Steve & Pol are congratulated by Jonathan Kaye, owner of the Cedar Manor Hotel. An excellent day's play & thank you to Jonathan & Caroline for their hospitality & for providing lunch & refreshments throughout the day.