Sunday, 9 August 2015

Corian backgammon set for $16,000

If you're feeling flush this month, why not invest in a backgammon set made from Dupont Corian?  More details here.

Iran's backgammon makers play delicate game

6 minute video documentary about woodwork crafstmen in Iran who make backgammon sets (subtitled).  Find it here.

Alexandra Llewellyn Design

Brief profile of Alexandra Llewellyn, who designs unique backgammon boards from sustainable and unusual materials.  Find it here.

Double sixes: What Backgammon and My Daughter Taught Me About How to Lighten Up

Interesting article from the Huffington Post about how the author learned backgammon from her mother and then went on to teach her daughter to play, learning more about herself in the process.  Find it here.

Nordic Open

The Nordic Open has been hailed as the toughest in the world. Full article here.