Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Special Meeting, Saturday 14 November

The special meeting on Saturday 14th November @ the Royal Legion, West Jesmond was attended by nine players, eight of whom played in a knock-out tournament.

The final was played by Keith, who beat Chris & Graeme on the way, & Ian C, who beat John & Ian Baker. Keith triumphed in the final. Well played Keith; a well deserved winner! 

A couple of league matches were also played & two players, Pol & I, are now on three wins. Graeme remains a clear & present danger on 2/2 as is Don on 2/3. Ian C has uploaded the league cross table on the club website here.

Our next meeting will also be at the Royal Legion, our new home, on Monday 7th December from 7pm. I look forward to seeing you there. We intend to stick to the schedule of meetings on the first Monday of each month @ the Royal Legion however if enough members demand additional events we'll do our best to lay them on.

NEW VENUE: We meet at the Royal British Legion from now on. The address is 3 West Jesmond Avenue, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 3EX. A map has been uploaded here.

 Keith (l) and Ian C, the two finalists about to commence play

The winner with his trophy and the runner-up with his prize.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Backgammon Blitz released for Steam gaming platform

Further to last months post announcing the upcoming release of Backgammon Blitz on the Steam gaming platform, the game has now been released.  A video trailer can be viewed below.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Club Meeting, Monday 2nd November

Eight players attended our November meeting & this was ideal for starting the league.

Martin, Graeme, Don & Pol all got off to a flying start with two wins.

There is still time for anyone else to enter as the season is to run until the end of April 2016. 

At the start of the evening's play a quiz was handed out with three backgammon positions.  Graeme & Keith got two answers correct & each won a book prize. Well done to both!  The quiz is reproduced at the end of this post, why not try it yourselves?

Don was also awarded a book for his outstanding achievement in winning the first two monthly tournaments whilst Alan won the better luck next time award as we wish to encourage all members to achieve future success.

Don Irving - outstanding achievement award

Keith Gill and Graeme Turner - joint quiz winners

Alan - better luck next time!

There is to be a special club meeting at 2pm on Saturday 14th November at the Royal Legion. The address is 3, West Jesmond Avenue, close to West Jesmond Metro station, leaving the station on the east side of the line. Anyone travelling by Metro north from the city centre will need to cross the footbridge (or use the foot tunnel). 

The County has served us well however there is more room & better lighting at the Royal Legion so this is a chance to view our likely new premises. All are welcome & it is an opportunity to play league matches.

Problem 1
White on roll - cube action?

a.  No double/take
b.  Double/take
c.  Double/pass
d.  Too good to double/pass

Problem 2
White to move - 21

a.  15/13  7/6
b.  15/14  7/5
c.  15/12
d.  7/4

Problem 3
White to move - 43

a.  24/20  13/10
b.  13/10  8/4
c.  13/9  8/5
d.  8/1

Answers to follow next month.