Results for 2015/2016 League season, as of 22 July 2016

Name Played Won Lost Points
Graeme 9 7 2 7
Martin 9 6 3 6
Pol 9 6 3 6
Allan D 9 6 3 6
Gary 9 6 3 6
Keith 9 5 4 5
Ian 9 4 5 4
Don 9 3 6 3
Alan H 9 1 8 1
John 9 1 8 1

League Rules

  • If six or fewer players in each division, all play all twice. Nine point matches with Crawford rule.
  • If more than six players, all play all once.
  • All matches must be completed by end of January 2017.
  • The new league season commencing August 2016 will split into two divisions if numbers warrant with promotion & relegation of top/bottom two players.
  • Late joiners may enter up to date of September meeting. After that at our discretion.
  • Matches can take place outside of club meetings.
  • UKBGF rules apply (found here). Exceptions are no obligation on part of any player to use clock or baffle box.
  • Entry fee of £15 of which £5 is for club funds. Paid out two thirds to winner plus trophy & book prize & one third to runner up. Voluntary pool of £10 paid out two thirds to winner & one third to runner up. 
  • In case of dispute, matters referred to a players committee whose decision will be final. If a committee member is a party to the dispute he/she will not participate in committee decision.
  • Legal plays are to apply. If a player makes a misplay it should be corrected before the opponent rolls. There is an obligation on the part of a player to point out to their opponent any error in the movement of chequers.
  • Premature rolls: if a player rolls the dice before his opponent has finished his turn, the roll shall stand.
  • All matches will be added to the UKBGF ratings database.
  • All matches & communications between members are expected to be conducted in a courteous manner at all times.
  • In the event of a player withdrawing from the league prior to completion of their matches, results will be deleted from the league is fewer than 50% of the departing players matches are completed. If the departing player has completed 50% of more of their matches, the unplayed matches will be score as a loss by default for the departing player.
  • The club champion is the player who has won the most matches. In the event of two or more players tying for first place the winner of a three point match playoff will determine the champion. In the event of a tie for second place, the prize will be shared. Three point matches will also be played to separate players tied for promotion & relegation places.