About Us

Hello and welcome to North East Backgammon Association. We are a friendly group of backgammon enthusiasts based in the north east of England. We meet monthly for an evening of social play and league matches. Existing members comprise beginners, intermediate and experienced players, and national tournament winners; as you can see, we are a broad church and players of all levels are more than welcome to join us. Just come along to our next meeting, as advertised on this website; no need to book in advance. 

NEBA is a recently formed association, which has already grown exponentially from 4 people at our inaugural (and very casual) meet-up for a few games in the pub in May 2015 to 13 at our April 2016 meet, with 13 players (plus 2 spectators) attending the UK Backgammon Federation sponsored 'Backgammon in the Park' event that took place over the summer of 2015 in Newcastle’s Exhibition Park.